The Robin Rice Gallery announces its 20th annual group show of photographs by gallery artists entitled SUMMERTIME. The opening reception will be held on Wednesday June 21 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. The show runs through September 10, 2006.

SUMMERTIME is hung in the salon style. The exhibit features the works of 40 photographers such as Jose Picayo, John Dolan, Stewart Ferebee, Patricia Heal, Cig Harvey, Michael McLaughlin and Patricia McDonough.

The installation of these varied images and styles is itself a work of art. Through careful design, selection and placement, Robin Rice instills the unique aesthetic of her gallery and succeeds in creating a unified and almost magical feeling in the space. With its intimate puzzle-like design, the show has the look and feel of a well-chosen private collection.

The show offers figurative portraits, pastoral landscapes, conceptual compositions and surrealistic tableaus and harkens the spirits of Magritte, Weston, Cartier-Bresson, Lartigue and others. With this range of styles, the exhibit offers something for all photography lovers.

The two images on the invitation offer a small window into the mood of the show.

Roger Camp’s Red Push Ups, taken from the vantage of the Huntington Beach pier, comes from a ten-year study of Southern California beach culture. Capturing throngs of lifeguards clad in red bathing suits and caps, this image is nostalgic and timeless.

Jose Picayo’s Bailey Palm from his Fairchild Garden series depicts a cluster of palm trees deliberately printed in a rich brown tone. This image evokes both a classical, old world style and a lush and tropical feel.